Đăng ký trước ngày 1 tháng 8 năm 2019 và hưởng mức giảm giá lên tới USD115!

Hướng dẫn nộp

1. Summary

Step 1:
Click on Submit an Entry on the HMA awards.

2. Step1

Step 2:
Create your account. Click on “New User? Click here to Register”.
Already have an account? Just log-in.

3. Step2

Step 3:
You will be brought to the Registration Form (for award entrant) to create your profile.
The number of delegates you choose to bring will allow you to get 2 free submissions for every free delegate.
Please note that 2 free submissions for every delegate are applicable only for the very first order
and not for subsequent orders. Once you have completed the form, click 'Submit'.

4. Step3

Step 4:
After creating your profile, you will be directed to the Submission Form.
Start entering your projects one by one.

Take note that you need to select a category before the entry questions
will show up. Upload the supporting documents through the file upload option.

✔ Click on Confirm if you are just submitting one submission.

✔ Click on Confirm and add new if you are to submit multiple submissions.

✔ Click on Draft so that you can continue to work on your submission
whenever you log back into your account.

Tip! For easier tracking, you can submit all your entries together,
just save them as drafts first. And when all is
done, proceed to click the 'Confirm' button.

5. Step4a

See here, once the category is selected the questions will show up:

5. Step4b

Step 5:
Once you click 'Confirm' or compiled all your submissions, you will be brought to your submissions dashboard.

✔ Click on proceed to Payment and to complete your submission process.

✔ Should you wish to enter more submissions, click on Submit a New Entry at the top
right corner and continue the same process to submit additional entries.

6. Step5

Step 6:
Payment Page.

There are two scenarios. You have zero balance to pay by availing the free offers
for your registered delegates,  or you will have a remaining balance.

Scenario 1: [0 balance] Choose Telegraphic transfer as the payment method even if your balance is zero (0). You will not be charged.
However, you need to click on 'Confirm' to finish your submission and receive an order acknowledgement email.

Scenario 2: [With remaining balance]
✔ Choose 'Credit Card' as the payment method for online payment. As per the screens below,
please ensure that you have selected the correct card type (logo) for your preferred card for payment.

✔ Or you can pay by bank transfer by clicking the “Telegraphic transfer” option.
There will be a note in the submission page on how to proceed with bank transfer.
Click on “Confirm” to finish your submission.

7. Step6a

Here’s the page for those with remaining balance to pay. Here’s a sample after choosing the card to pay:

7. Step6b
7. Step6c

Thank you & good luck!